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Published Matlab Code



VFLUX is a program that calculates one-dimensional vertical fluid flow (seepage flux) through saturated porous media, using heat transport equations. It uses temperature time series data measured by multiple temperature sensors in a vertical profile in order to calculate flux at specific times and depths. VFLUX is written as a MATLAB toolbox, a set of functions that run in the MATLAB environment.

Lautz, L., R. P. Gordon, D. J. Irvine, M. A. Briggs, J. M. McKenzie (2020). VFLUX: Vertical Fluid Heat Transfer Solver (VFlu[H]X Solver), HydroShare,



HFLUX is a one-dimensional transient model that calculates stream temperatures with respect to space and time using the mass and energy balance equations for temperature transport in streams. It uses initial spatial and temporal temperature boundary conditions, stream dimension information, discharge data, and meteorological data to calculate stream temperature using a finite difference method. HFLUX is written as a set of functions that run in the MATLAB environment. More information can be found in the HFLUX Documentation.

Lautz, L., A. Glose, E. A. Baker (2020). HFLUX: 1D Stream Temperature Model Code, HydroShare,

PIED Piper:


PIED Piper is a suite of Matlab functions and a standalone GUI compiled for the Windows operating system that allows plotting of Piper Plots. It is the first such code written in the Matlab programming language, one of the most commonly used coding languages for environmental scientists in academia and industry. The code and GUI allow plotting of data as points, or plotting data density with colormaps or contour plots. 

Lautz, L., C. Russoniello (2020). PIED Piper: Piper Plots in Matlab, HydroShare,

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